Dixie Beer

Since 1907 and the Golden Age of America's Brewing Industry, The Dixie Brewery has been a New Orleans' landmark. Dixie Brewery is the last remaining survivor of New Orleans' once flourishing Brewing Industry. Through the huge antique iron gates of the Dixie Brewhouse, its nearly century old brewing traditions continue. Coppers and original cypresswood tanks continue to be used as part of Dixie's traditional brewing process. This meticulous, time-honored brewing process is the essence of Dixie Brewery's proud southern tradition. Dixie Lager, Dixie Jazz, and its new specialty beers, Blackened Voodoo and Crimson Voodoo, are each characteristic of the many charms of New Orleans and the southern way of life. Much more than just a good brewery, like great New Orleans' jazz, Mardi Gras, and Cajun cooking, Dixie Brewing Company is true Southern culture.
In 2005, the Dixie Brewery was severely damaged when Mid-City New Orleans flooded from the levee failure disaster during Hurricane Katrina. After the area was dewatered the brewery complex was looted with much of the equipment stolen. The brewery remains off line as of October 2008.
The site of the brewery is currently slated to become part of the planned LSU/VA hospital complex. Planners of the complex have pledged not to demolish the building as it is architecturally and historically significant. It is unknown at this time whether the brewery may one day be rebuilt within this building or whether the building will be used for another purpose. In the meantime, owners Joe and Kendra Bruno have authorized several other breweries throughout the USA to produce Dixie branded beer in limited quantities. Dajar Global LLC has been given the exclusive authorization to direct an aggressive global distribution plan.

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