The Do Drive In

There were eleven Drive In's in the greater New Orleans area (only 1 in New Orleans proper). I remember as a child going to the movies in "the car" on Friday nights with my parents. Dressed in my PJ's I was awestruck when the big screen lit up. Of course Daddy had to go get the hot dogs and cokes and he always came back grumbling about something, then he would light up the pic (misquito repellent coil to all you neophytes) and the show began. Later in life, as a teenager I remember taking my girlfriend to see what ever was playing or at least see enough so we could talk intelligently about it when grilled by her Father at the end of our date. My fondest memories are of the Do Drive In.

 Commonly known as "The passion pit" by mothers around town the Do was a large two screen theatre. One Screen was on the north end and the other on the south end. The concession stand and rest rooms were in a building in the middle. You entered from Metairie Road  and exited on Focis. You could not back up once you exited nor could you enter the exit because of the "treadles" which would rip your tires (unless you were a bunch of guys with no money and a VW Beetle to pick up and walk over the treadles. Sure do miss what we lost.

The Do closed in 1980 and is now a shopping mall and condos called DeLimon place"

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