Falstaff Beer

In 1903 Lemp Brewing (St. Louis) registers the Falstaff trademark & logo. Falstaff's facility on Gravier Street may be remembered by many a New Orleans native as a weather forecasting beacon. In 1952, a 125-foot tower was added to the top of the brewery. The tower was a vertical electrical sign spelling out "Falstaff" with a large ball on top. The ball would light up green if fair, red if cloudy, red and white if raining, and flashing red and white if storms were approaching. The letters spelling out "Falstaff" signaled the temperature; they flashed on and off if the temperature was constant and lit from top to bottom if temperatures were falling, and from bottom to top if rising.

In 1976 the New Orleans brewery is closed after a lengthy strike in December. The sad story has it that Pinkerton security guards marched the employees out of the plant at noon, leaving lunches, drinks, etc. to sit for years right where they had been left in mid-meal . Some former female employees wrote Falstaff to try and retrieve their purses, as they had not been allowed to take anything with them when the plant was closed.


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