New Orleans Cuisine

Roast beef po boy dressed wit gravy.

Andouille (ahn doo' e)
A spicy pork sausage used in gumbo, jambalaya or with red beans and rice

Beignet (ben yay')
Lighter than a doughnut, and square (no holes), sprinkled with powdered sugar

Bisque (Bisk)
A thick creamy spicy soup served with crawfish, oysters, or shrimp (fantastic with mud bugs!)

Boudin (boo dan')
Hot, spicy pork mixed with onions, cooked rice, herbs. Two types: boudin blanc is pork and rice, boudin rouge is a blood sausage

Bread Pudding
Custard baked french bread - often served with raisins and rum sauce

Cafe au Lait (caf ay' oh lay') Coffee served with steamed milk. Chicory
based coffee is often used.

Sweet fried rice cakes

Chickory (Chick' o ree)
Ground-up, roasted roots from the herb; used to flavor coffee--related to endive

Court Bouillon (coo' boo yon)
A rich, spicy fish soup

Crawfish (craw' fish)
Spicy fresh water shell fish, also known as "mudbugs" from the bayous!

Creme Caramel
A glazed custard

Dirty Rice
Pan-fried rice cooked with green peppers, onions, celery, stock and giblets

Sandwiches served with lettuce, tomatoes and mayonnaise--"the works"

Eggs Sardou
Poached egg served with artichoke hearts, and hollandaise sauce

Etouffee' (ay' too fay)
"Smothered" with a dark roux (tomato-based sauce) of seasoned vegetables, poured over rice--usually served with Crawfish

File' (fee' lay)
Ground sassafras leaves used to season gumbo and other dishes

Grillades (gree' yads)
Thin slices of beef served with a tomato roux

Ground hominy grain, served as breakfast

Gumbo (Gum bow)
Thick file' soup stock served with rice, duck, chicken, okra, shrimp, crabs (See New Orleans Gumbo recipe--gotta try it!)

Popular fruit punch drink served at Pat O'Brien's. Watch them...they sneak up on you!

Hush Puppy
Fried cornmeal bread ball

Jambalaya (Jum' ba lie' ya)
Rice based dish with just about everything thrown in! Poultry, tomatoes and cooked rice, ham, shrimp, chicken, celery, onions & and just about every seasoning. (See New Orleans recipes for a great one!)

King Cake
Extra-large oval doughnut pastry dusted with colored candied sugar and often filled with cream cheese, apple filling, etc. A plastic baby doll is hidden inside the cake--the lucky person who gets the piece of cake with the doll inside buys the kingcake for the next party throughout the Mardi Gras season!

Mirliton (Mirl' a tawn)
Pear-shaped vegetable, cooked like squash and stuffed with ham, shrimp and spicy dressing

Crawfish from the bayou! ("Crawfish boils" are a big party in New Orleans!)

Muffuletta (Muf' a lotta) and a lotta it is!
Super-large, round, fat sandwich filled with salami-type meats, mozzarella cheese, pickles, and olive salad

A seeded pod chopped and served in gumbo, or served as a fried dish

Pain Perdu (Pan pair do)
French bread served in similar fashion to french toast

Plantain (plan' ten)
Vegetable banana side dish--cooked like candied yams, served wih meats; sometimes for breakfast (great!)

French Bread sandwich split open and served with oysters, shrimp, ham, roast beef and gravy, soft shelled crabs-- the list goes on.... "Dressed" means using lettuce, tomato, and mayonaise on the sandwich (see above).

Praline (Praw leen')
Brown sugar, pecan-filled, candy patty. (Very sweet and so delicious you can't eat just one! )

Red Beans and Rice
Monday night tradition in New Orleans--Kidney beans served with rice, seasonings, spices and chunks of hot sausage

Remoulade Sauce (Rum a laud)
Spicy mustard based cocktail sauce

Sauce Piquante (Sauce pee kont)
Spicy red gravy or sauce

Shrimp Creole
Shrimp dish served with a garlic, onion, bell pepper and tomato sauce

Smoked red pepper ham

Trout Meuniere
Trout served with a rich butter sauce


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