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By choosing to keep on surviving I give up the ability to thrive. I  have settled for less than what I truly desire in life, in my relationships, in my thoughts and in my spiritual life and this is due to my selfish desires. I  have settled for something until my true dream comes to pass. The problem is as long as I'm caught up in settling I'll never achieve what I truly want. Since I've settled I may never get my hearts true desire and if I do I will have to wait longer and work harder to finally get it. If you make a decision to be happy with the person you choose, then you will be. To pine after something that's not is a waste of time and a heartache. Likewise, to spend your life searching for an ideal, and miss out on the good right in front of you, is just sad. It's not that I've become jaded to the point that I don't believe in, or even crave romance, it's that my understanding of it has changed. What I long for is that sense of having a partner in crime who knows my day-to-day trivia and puts up with my quirks.


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