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    We all have bits and pieces of our lives, or current problems, that don?t make sense. We stress over them and everything gets more tangled. Then one day we switch off for a short while and answers quite suddenly appear as if from nowhere and everything is peaceful.  However, it is often into these quiet, blissful moments that something radical happens; sudden displays of emotions such as jealousy, anger or retribution incites us. It is then we realize we still have a long way to go. At this point we feel we need to take action to stop the fear of losing control of our lives. To do this or that, which is the correct action? Sometimes the correct choice cannot be made with adequate information from either deep within oneself or from another person. I am learning to believe there is action in non-action. More aptly put I believe that it is sometimes wiser to do nothing than to simply do something for the sake of action. I am constantly presented with choices and have learned that I need be patient in any situation before deciding on what to do, what choice to make, what course to take (said the turtle). To follow the dictates of my heart and soul rather than allow the crowd to sway me, family influence me or, environmental conditioning to deter me; to be true to myself against the odds brings freedom and independence. My freedom comes from within and it manifests itself as the inner peace I find deep inside during difficult times.


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