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Skip DaLuca Writes 


I am so pent up I can not breathe
Everywhere I turn I am faced with others needs
I try to find solace, for me there is none to be found
I cry myself to sleep, because I'm feeling so down
I don't know what to do; I'm at the end of my rope
Often when I wake up I feel there is no hope
Then I think of you and a spark appears
My eyes well up with so many happy tears
 You are a ray of sunshine in my dismal world
Knowing that you love me still makes my toes curl
It hurts being without you, because we are so many miles apart
Yet I face the day knowing my best friend has my heart
For the first time in my life I feel secure and let my defenses down
I think that for today I'll wear a smile instead of my usual frown
This is what you do for me each and every day
I like to think I do the same
for you maybe in different ways
So now I leave you with the precious little thoughts
I'll love you for all my days you are my hope, my life, my love
For you I thank God this is what I pray


I sit and watch the ocean
I feel the cool breeze on by body
I watch pelicans fly by
I wish you were next to me
I know you are in my heart
I love you and you love me


What do I say after silencing my writings for so long?
How do I start a dialogue anew with you?
When do I ever stop thinking of you,
And why would I want to stop?
What is it in me that always wants to
spoil you with flowers and baubles?
I have tried to think of reasons and have none.
I will now have to love you more dearly than before
You will have to get used to being pampered and spoiled.
When I talk with you I regain focus and clarity.
When you laugh my soul is soothed and I heal.
When you cry and are sad my heart is sore.
When I am the cause of your grief my heart breaks
When you are happy I am at peace.
I am so in love with you.


When I look across the sea
I think about you and me
As I think of you I am left fulfilled
I wonder when it will come to pass
to be together at last
Across this gulf that separates us
Now I can look at you
Sitting across the room
relaxing on our bed
Peaceful and content
We are together at last


 Though my heart is always with you
Through the nights and all the days
I miss you so despairingly, my simple solid stay
Often on a day like this
Far off in my mind somewhere
 I often watch the wind wisping through your hair
Till I see you once again
Until another morn
I?ll think of you and write to you
Of this one heart that?s torn


As I sit absorbed in the silence of my day

I think of you so very far away

I long to feel you touch again

For I know you are my best friend.

As you sit and wait for me

Know we will be together again, you?ll see.

So for now I sit in silence, praying
 I am waiting for you too


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