Family Nicknames!

His dizzy aunt----------------------Vertie Geaux

The brother who loved prunes--------Gotta Geaux

The brother with constipation problem---No Geaux

The cousin who worked at a-----------store-Shop N. Geaux

The grandfather from Yugoslavia---------U. Geaux

The niece from Illinois----------- She Car Geaux

His magician uncle-------------Where Diddy Geaux

His Mexican Cousin--------------------A Me Geaux

The Mexican cousin's Americanbrother-------Gring Geaux

The nephew who drove an armored car-----Wells Far Geaux

The uncle serving time in Angola---- Lemme Geaux

The ballroom dancer-------------------Tang Geaux

The bird-lover-------------------Flo Ming Geaux

Her over confident nephew---------------E. Geaux

The fruit-loving cousin---------------Mang Geaux

The optimistic aunt-----------------Way to Geaux

The bouncy little nephew----------------Po Geaux

The niece with the oversized van-- Winnie Bay Geaux

The Italian grandmother--------------- Day Geaux

(And there you Geaux)

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