The community I live in is the natural evolution of Mayberry if Andy retired and Opey had become sheriff. There are people who take your trash to the curb, you can sleep with the windows open and doors unlocked, repairmen are always early or on time and in general people are very personable with positive values This is what I call rural America. It has been said that rural America is in jeopardy, plagued by persistent poverty, rooted in low wages and dismal job opportunities. I find that people who live in a rural area are happy. While there are not many opportunities to have an income that is above average, there is a trade-off. What is exchanged for financial wealth is a slower pace of life, spiritual satisfaction, and simplicity. I see that they are more down to earth and have a better sense of who they are. Rural Americans make up less than one-fifth of the US population but are spread across four-fifths of the land area. The difference between employment rates and unemployment rates in rural and urban areas is less than 1%. The difficulty rural America faces is the reality of the peaceful and rewarding quality that life in a small community can have, but there is also the need to invite industries in if people are to have the means to live there. Is rural America really in trouble or is this the perception of the urban population? With this small percentage of the American population living in rural America is anyone going to notice or care if it disappears?